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Frank DiNino

Frank DiNinoFrank was first introduced to wood turning in his junior high school years. Over time he has perfected his craft, creating larger and more intricate pieces. Frank’s choice of shape and form is inspired by the individual characteristics of each piece of wood. Looking at the color and grain, he carefully turns each piece. Many of the ideas for the shapes and forms are inspired by objects encountered in everyday life. Some shapes evolve over time while others come as the piece is being turned. Golden yellow, blue grey, pink and green, each piece is a unique display of color and pattern, an original, with the grain, color and imperfections adding character. He is a member of the Pikes Peak Woodturners, American Association of Woodworkers and International Society of Glass Beadmakers and currently President of the Glass Artists of the Pikes Peak Region. Frank and his wife Dee now reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he works at his company, Aura Woods, LLC. Additional art can be viewed at Arati Galleries, 2425 Colorado Blvd., Old Colorado City, CO, nest.artistic home on Main Street in Winter Park, and D’Vine Wines, wine tasting room on Main St., Breckenridge, CO

Frank DiNino
Frank DiNino


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