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Frank and Dee Dinino

View a slide show of Dee DiNino's Jewelry
View a slide show of Frank DiNino's Pieces

Dee DiNino's Bio and Frank DiNino's Bio.


Frank and Dee are both artists and share some common talents. Frank is a wood artist and started working with wood in seventh grade. He became a professional artist while in Florida seven years ago. Frank and Dee became members of the Arati Gallery in 2008.

His first wood items produced for production were pens created with exotic woods from around the world. As experience developed with the use of the lathe, other items such as wine bottle stoppers and kaleidoscopes were created. For many years, he has created exceptionally powerful yet elegant works of art in woods that are indisputably pleasing to the eye. He works hard at providing the best by using top grade, hand selected woods and material. Frank also works in Alabaster which mostly comes from the Ft. Collins quarry.

Dee is a jewelry artist. Since Dee has joined Frank in the business she has introduced some fantastic new fused jewelry by adding dichroic glass to their line. Dee has been doing this for three years now. Since her glass takes all day in the kiln to process, she also helps Frank out with creating new products and designs as well as applying the finishes that are needed on each piece.

They share a product list of over 67 different products and the list keeps growing with every show they attend. Each item is individually turned on the lathe by Frank or hand-crafted and fired in a kiln by Dee. As an artist team, when not doing art shows in the summer (25-30 a year), they are making new and exciting products for the gallery and next years' shows.They currently live in Colorado Springs, CO.

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