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         Mimi Mitchell has traveled & lived in many parts of this country. Growing up in upstate New York she was greatly influenced by the presence of the natural beauty which surrounded her. Currently living in Manitou Springs she continues to live in awe of her surroundings.  The creative process has been a life long pursuit for Mimi. The development of finely crafted mud pies in early childhood was the beginning of the creativeadventure for Mimi. In High school she moved into Lapidary work. Once proficient with the stones she started working in silver. As time went on she exploredbeadwork, painting,ceramics, book arts, glass arts, & sculpture. Mimi has always had a desire to stay connected to nature and in working with natural semi & precious gemstones, her goal is to connect with nature, to help people to self heal. Different Stones align to the different chakras in our bodies as well as activating various organs. Many ailments can be relieved by wearing the correct combination of gems & minerals. As a medicinal jewelry worker & silversmith Mimi is self taught. Her formal education helped to perfect her abilities with other medium, as well as educate her in Arts Administration. She has been a professional working artist, advocate and/or art administrator for forty years. She has been educated at UNM & UCCS. Currently she is teaching at Pikes Peak Community College.

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