Marian Busey
  Peggy Cook
  Frank & Dee DiNino
  Curt & Robyn Elliott
  Rick Forsyth
  Larry Haught
  Reveille Kennedy
  Marilyn Kirkman
  Dan Masimer
  Barb McAdams
  Tammy Meeske
  Mimi Mitchell
  Don Orr
  Jan Oyler
  Dale Pittock
  Kang Lee Sheppard
  Jon Tschannen
  Lorraine Watry
  Richard Williams
  Diana Zombola


Featured Artists for 2016
* Please note that this schedule is subject to change.
Featured Artists

Heart Warming Art:  Lori Watry, Dale Pittock, Dick Williams, Jan Oyler, Dan Masimer, Diana Zombola, and Don Orr

  February Tammy Meeske, Magdalina, Marilyn Kirkman, Larry Haught, Kang Lee Sheppard, Frank and Dee DiNino, and Mimi Mitchell

Reveille Kennedy, Rick Forsyth, Marion Busey, Curt and Robyn Elliott,  Lori Watry and PeggyCook

April Marilyn Kirkman and Kang Lee Sheppard
May Larry Haught and Frank and Dee DiNino
June Dale Pittock, Don Orr and Jan Oyler
  July Magdalina, Diana Zombola, Marion Busey
  August Barb McAdams and Lori Watry
  September Reveille Kennedy and Dan Masimer
  October Rick Forsyth, Curt and Robyn Elliott
November Tammy Meeske, Dick Williams and Mimi Mitchell
  December All Members Show

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