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I feel very privileged to be included as one of the artists in Arati Gallery. They are a group of very fine artists, with lifetime commitments to their craft. Their energy alone is enough to inspire.
      I was fortunate to be a designer of Christmas decorations for Rene D Lyon Company out of San Diego, importing manufactured product produced from my designs out of the Orient. This improved my illustrative skills and gave me more to work with in my creative abilities. Artistic expression is a state of mind and a life time development of skill. It’s an interest few can create into a career, but many can carry the passion of throughout their lives.
      I am new to Colorado, but have a long history of fine art on California’s coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Membership in numerous art associations and guilds, galleries and societies of fine art opens the door to competitions and name recognition. I have won numerous competitions, but I have never been so privileged as to be a contributing artist to the “Portrait of the Fallen Memorial”. This is a continuously traveling show nationwide. It was my honor to paint the portrait of a fallen patriot who lost his life protecting our freedoms in the Middle East.
      I would encourage any young artist to hold their visions close as it will be a point of joy they will always carry with them, and they should not discount them as a minor, while they major in Medical Sciences, Business, Law, etc. as every artistic endeavor requires financial support. It is more than that really, it broadens their life perspective. Every day is a good day if it includes at least an hour of art.

Balboa Blue View - Acrylic  
Table Grapes - Watercolor
Peppers and Pears - Acrylic
Rain Bird - Watercolor