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Lorraine Watry



      Lorraine Watry has worked with watercolor for 20 plus years. Her colorful, realistic style is      often a surprise to many viewers who think of watercolor as loose and soft. Not only does she still  love to paint with watercolor, she loves to teach and demonstrate the medium, as well. 

      Lorraine's painting, Shows Over, was juried into the Best of Watercolor Series - 'Splash 14 -  Light and Color'. She has also had paintings juried into many national and international watercolor  exhibitions and is an award winner. In 2011, her painting 'Stained Glass Waterlilies' was juried into  the National Watercolor Societies (NWS) 91st Annual Exhibit. Her painting won the HK Holbein  award and was selected for the NWS 1 year traveling show. 

      Lorraine is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, Pikes Peak Watercolor  Society, and The Colorado Watercolor Society. Her paintings have been juried into prestigious  shows like: Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, Colorado Watercolor Societies State  Exhibitions, Pikes Peak Watercolor Societies International Watermedia, Louisiana Watercolor  Societies 34th Annual, Watercolor Art Society Houston 27th International, Kansas Watercolor Society Great 8 Exhibition, Montana  Watercolor Society Watermedia, and more. 

Gallery I

Gallery II

For additional images of this artist's work, please click on the Gallery II link.

Time Square Fair
Stargazing Lily

Giverny Waterlilies
Colorado Sunset
Cascading Pots