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Reveille Kennedy
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Reveille grew up in Pueblo, Colorado and painted with old enamels and created with the wood, leftover from her father’s building projects.  She was intrigued by the flamboyant colors in bugs and flowers, and the running together of the paints.  She ruined many uncleaned brushes.  Reveille was in the first class to graduate from South High School in 1960 and attended two years at Pueblo Jr. College. She has taken many workshops and classes around the world and her  paintings hang in England, Scotland, Japan and around the US.  Reveille is currently teaching out of her house/studio, Sheppard Art, and at Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.    She is the Past President of Pike’s Peak Watercolor Society.  
Artist's Statement:
I am a people watcher and light gatherer, scanning body attitude, expression, the drape of clothing, and hair in sunlight and on skin.  I imagine people in settings of my own creation and I feel that their strength, dignity, weakness or sorrow is evident in my work such as the limp limb of relaxation or the limber body pressed to the dancers side.  A baby unsteadily toddling, play and repose are part of my unique, colorful approach to painting.  I also love the Rocky Mountains scenery, florals and wildlife.  What is new to painting?  It is that indescribable individual scrawl, stroke, line or choice of color.  It is the puzzling mix of learned and experimented. Great artists become, and become and become until their hair falls out and their jaws droop.  It is intuition, inspiration, and mystery. For me, it is the most intriguing career anyone could have.  Art is my story.  I write it with a brush, a palette knife, a pencil or any other material that satisfies my need. Artist websites:,, and



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